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Josh Johnson fine with Chapman offer

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There is a story going around the baseball blogosphere that says Josh Johnson is pissed at the Marlins for offering Chapman a five-year deal while refusing to do a four-year deal for him.

You can read it here:

Sources: Chapman Offer Upsets Johnson

To see whether there was any truth to the story, we contacted Johnson's agent, Matt Sosnick.  Who we have found to be very upfront and here is what he had to say (via email):

Josh laughed, and said that was the dumnest thing that he's ever read.  He said that he likes both Sampson and Loria, and hopes the team signs as many good players as possible this off season.  He also said that he is hoping to do a deal that keeps him in Florida for the long haul, either this year or next off-season.


So there you have it.  If you hear JJ is pissed, he's not.  Actually he is not even close to being upset.  And from our experience, there is no reason to believe this isn't the absolute truth.