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Marlins offers Aroldis Chapman a contract

The Florida Marlins have reportedly made an offer to Aroldis Chapman.

We hear the Marlins have made a five-year offer, in the $13 million range, for ballyhooed left-handed pitcher Aroldis Chapman, a Cuban defector who has been clocked as high as 102 mph. South Florida could be appealing to him, but a few bigger-revenue teams figure to dangle more -- including Boston, which reportedly offered $15.5 million in a multiyear deal. Chapman, 21, impressed scouts in the World Baseball Classic and during a Tuesday workout in Houston.

Let me get this right, the Marlins have offered a 5-year deal for $13 million to counter the Red Sox's offer of 3-years for $15.5 million.  I'm no genius in the ways of baseball negotiations but that seems like a very weak offer to me.  One, the Red Sox offer is for more money.  Two, being in their organization means he will get a higher level of coverage by the baseball press, instead of being in near obscurity to all but the baseball insiders.  I don't get it.

The other thing about the offer is that the Marlins are offering a pitcher a five-year contract.  A pitcher who has never thrown a pitch in the majors and is expected to start the season in the minors.  Kinda blows a hole in their argument that they can't give Josh Johnson a four-year contract because pitchers are too big of an injury risk.  In the case of JJ, it is all about the money.  Really nothing new there, but they should drop the lie about it being the number of years that is the problem.