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Weekend Chum Bucket

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A little slow getting the Weekend Chum Bucket posted, but sometimes these things happen around the holidays.  But hey, we all do what we can.

Uh, a bunch of sports stuff has already happened, however, that doesn't mean you can't do your post game analysis.  Sure it would have been better right after the contest, unfortunately, that wasn't an option.  Think of it this way you got some time to put your thoughts together.  Yes, I'm stretching.

Sunday still offers some sporting fun.  The Dolphins are in Tennessee while the Heat are hosting Portland.  If college football is your thing, the New Orleans bowl game kicks off today.

But never feel you are limited to sports, should you live in the Northeast, be sure to tell us all about the winter wonderland your are experiencing.  Should you live in Florida, which most do, be sure to explain to them how it feels so much colder in the Fla. than they have ever experienced.  They won't believe you, but give it a try.

Whatever you decide to talk about, have fun.  That is what the Weekend Chum Bucket is for.

As always, Have a Great Weekend!