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Dave Van Horne up for the Ford C. Frick Award

Dave Van Horne is once again up for the Ford C. Frick Award.

Starting Tuesday, baseball fans can nominate their favorite broadcasters for the Hall of Fame's prestigious Ford C. Frick Award.

Voting begins at 10 a.m. ET on the Hall of Fame's Facebook page,, and concludes at 5 p.m. ET on Dec. 31.

Fans will have the opportunity to select from more than 200 eligible broadcasters, and the top three selections will appear on the final, 10-name ballot for the 2010 award. Bios of each candidate will be available at


Established in 1978, the Frick Award honors excellence in baseball broadcasting and is given to an active or retired broadcaster with a minimum of 10 years of continuous Major League broadcast service with a ballclub, network or combination of the two. This year's winner will be selected by a 20-member electorate, which will announce its choice in early February.

 The voting electorate features Kubek, five historians and the 14 other living Award winners -- Marty Brennaman, Jerry Coleman, Gene Elston, Joe Garagiola, Ernie Harwell, Jaime Jarrin, Milo Hamilton, Denny Matthews, Dave Niehaus, Felo Ramirez, Vin Scully, Lon Simmons, Bob Uecker and Bob Wolff.



DVH will win this award at some point and maybe this is the year.  So click on the link below and vote away.  DVH will be one of the finalist, but maybe, just maybe, if everyone votes, it will persuade the panel that this is the year it should happen.

Oh, Rich and Tommy are also on the ballot, so throwing a little love to them can't hurt, but there is no way they are going win.  Not they shouldn't be in the running, it is just that haven't been doing it long enough to qualify.

But in the meantime, go vote for DVH.

Ford C. Frick voting