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Stadium News - Sort of

Actually this is more parking garage news.

A week before they were scheduled to sell the bonds on Wall Street, Miami city leaders are postponing a planned bond sale designed to finance a new Florida Marlins stadium parking garage -- though City Manager Pete Hernandez says the city could have gone forward now.

Miami's financial accounting practices were recently harshly criticized by Auditor General Victor Igwe, and The Miami Herald reported last week that the local office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is scrutinizing City Hall.

Neither of those developments were the reason behind the bond sale being postponed, Hernandez said Tuesday. Instead, the city manager said, Miami will wait until February or March to issue the bonds because the city is switching to a different competitive-bidding process for the parking garage.

 Oh sure, the same SEC that turned a blind eye to the obvious Ponzi scheme being run by Bernard Madoff now turns its attention to a parking garage.  Man, you guys are the best. 

The parking garage will be built, now whether it has 5,000 parking spots or less, remains to be seen.  But the truth is, even if it is not built, the community of Little Havana is very efficient at handling crowds of a larger size than the capacity of the stadium.