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Marlins Ballpark Construction is One Dirty Job

I've never actually seen a full episode of the Discovery Channel show Dirty Jobs (since 30 seconds of  the show is enough to make me want to dry heave for an hour), but I do know a few people who are glued to the screen whenever it's on.

Marlins Ballpark Development Coordinator Karl Ebert must be a fan of the program, because he left this comment on's Dirty Jobs Show Ideas forum Monday:

I work at the construction site for the Florida Marlins New Ballpark, and yesterday I was walking around the site and saw 3 divers in the whitest water you have ever seen, and they were guiding storm sewer pipes in the ground.

I thought this would be a great thing for Mike to do. Plus we would let you get to see all of the construction site and maybe get you to a game, during the season. I hope this can work out. 

The idea involves sewage, which seems to be a favorite of DJ host Mike Rowe, so that should be a plus for the Marlins. But honestly, having seen a few clips of the show, I have my doubts that installing storm sewer pipes is grimy enough to make the cut.