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Baseball Musings covers Emilio Bonifacio

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Baseball Musings continues on with the very ambitious goal of covering all players A to Z.  Emilio Bonifacio takes his turn at the plate.

Emilio Bonifacio plays third base for the Florida Marlins. He can’t hit, he doesn’t walk much, and he lacks power. He doesn’t even defend well.


My guess is no team will give a starting job of Bonifacio again.

It was I all could do not to email David Pinto and make a bet.  For some reason, unknown to anyone, the Marlins front office sees Bonifacio as viable everyday player at second base.  And should they complete a trade for Danny, Bonifacio will probably be the front runner to take over at second.  Yes, I'm like everyone else who thinks the best option would be for Coghlan to leave the outfield and be stationed in his natural position, if Danny is traded.  But the feeling the Marlins front office is projecting, they would rather go a different direction, meaning Emilio at second.  If all of this should happen, it either proves the front office is delusional or they are taking trade justification to an extreme.