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Travis "Gookie" Dawkins suspended

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Marlins Triple-A short stop, Gookie Dawkins, was suspended for violating the drug policy.

Former major league infielder Gookie Dawkins has been given a 50-game drug suspension.

Dawkins was penalized Thursday after a second positive test in the minors for a drug of abuse.

Dawkins finished last season with the Florida Marlins' organization at Triple-A New Orleans. He hit a combined .241 with five home runs and 27 RBIs in the minors for Florida and the Chicago White Sox.

Please tell this is a situation like the Romanian girl gymnast who took some cough syrup and lost her gold metal.  Because if he was spending money and taking them to enhance performance, Dude, they weren't working.  

Much like the original survey, PEDs are more prevalent in the minors than the majors where they are used by players either trying to hang on or make it to the majors.  It never works.