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Josh Johnson still a long term possibility

Meant to post this yesterday, but sometimes life gets in the way.  Anyways, the door is not closed on Josh Johnson being a Marlin for the next few years.

The quotes.

"(Zack) Greinke signed his deal coming off a worse year than Josh had,' said Johnson's agent, Matt Sosnick. "We're not going to do a deal that does not far exceed Greinke's deal for four years.'


"My hope is that he signs a long-term deal and stays in Florida,' Sosnick said. "But I would say it's much more likely that we'll do a one-year deal this year and he's playing for somebody else in 2011.'


"Just as a fan of the game, I'd hate to see him go to some of the other teams who seemingly end up all the time with the top pitchers," said Jim Duquette, a former general manager of the New York Mets and Baltimore.

"Now that the Marlins have a new stadium (on the way), which will presumably increase revenues, a lot of people in the game think they would be able to keep that type of guy now, an elite player.'



"I don't think a four-year contract is as big of a risk for a guy like Josh Johnson that it might be for some other pitchers out there,' Duquette said.

Pretty much this is the same as before.  The JJ camp wants four years at legitimate price given his talents.  The Marlins are doing the usual hoping to operate on the cheap.  You know where I stand on this.

And the beat goes on.