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Weekend Chum Bucket

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Half of the weekend has already come and gone, so this would probably better be labeled the Sunday Chum Bucket.  But old habits die hard and this one is no different.  So welcome to the Weekend Chum Bucket.

Not much is going on today, the Fins are in Jacksonville. The Heat are in Tennessee to play the Memphis something or others.  Check your local television listings for the time.

You might want to checkout the sky tonight around midnight, there is another meteor shower going on and this one is big time better than the others have been.  The peak was last night, but it is still going on.  Assuming it isn't all cloudy and is somewhat dark, you should see about 2 meteors a minute.  Or at least, I did last night until dodging debris being thrown at me just didn't make it worth the effort.  Maybe your neighbors are somewhat nicer than mine.

This is the usual Chum Bucket where you can feel free to address any topic you desire.  Baseball is always good but we don't limit ourselves to that.  Palm reading tips, requesting the donation of television sets for your annual bowling for televisions (depending on your mind set, that may or may not mean what you think it means), how to talk clearly with a stocking over your head is always a much needed skill.  Really, most anything is good.

But most importantly, Have a Great Sunday!