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Alfredo Amezaga non-tendered

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The Marlins did not tender a contract to Alfredo Amezaga, it is official.

Alfredo is now a free agent.

Apparently they were concerned with the fact that he is still recovering from microfracture knee surgery and that he hasn't started a running program.  The Marlins are leaving the door open to the possibility of re-signing Alfredo later on, but there is a problem with that.  The problem is the Marlins cannot enter into negotiations with Alfredo again until March 2, 2010.  That is the day when players are mandated to report to spring training.  Which gives him a lot time to prove to the other clubs he is good to go while the Marlins are sitting on the sidelines.

The salsa warm up leading, life of the clubhouse, pulse of the team,  unbelievable defensive specialist, fan favorite Alfredo Amezaga may never be a Marlin again.  It is a sad day.  Oh sure, the move that the club made is completely understandable and was the right move.  But still.  That really doesn't make you feel all that much better.

In other news, the Marlins reached a one-year deal with Ronny Paulino and tendered contracts to Dan Uggla, Jorge Cantu, Cody Ross, Ricky Nolasco, Josh Johnson, Leo Nunez, Renyel Pinto and Anibal Sanchez.