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Rule 5 Draft

As part of the Lindstrom trade the Marlins received the Rule 5 draft pick of the Astros in which Jorge Jimenez was chosen.

To complete the deal, the Astros selected third baseman Jorge Jimenez out of the Red Sox's system in Thursday's Rule 5 Draft and shipped him to the Florida Marlins. The Winter Meetings concluded with the Marlins acquiring the strong-armed, left-handed hitting corner infielder they coveted.

We will see what happens but keep in mind Jimenez was 25 year-old Double-A player.  Should things go awry, say with the pitching staff, and the Marlins should need to bring up more pitchers, it happened last season, they will ship him back to make room on the 25-man roster.  But at this point he looks like the best thing the Marlins received in the Lindstrom trade.  Kinda sad when the best thing we got was the player to be named later.

In the draft the Marlins lost John Raynor in the major league portion and catcher Andrew Jenkins in the triple-a portion.  Losing Raynor probably isn't earth shattering, but still, he was well thought of.  If Pittsburgh needs a spot on the 25-man roster, we may get him back.