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Marlins Trade Matt Lindstrom

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As I am sure you all know by now the Marlins traded Matt Lindstrom to Astros for a couple of warm bodies.

The Marlins get right-hander Robert Bono and shortstop Luis Bryan from Houston. The player to be named will be Houston's first pick in today's Rule 5 draft, according to

My favorite part of this was the quote from the Astros general manager, Ed Wade.

"Our guys think Bryan is going to be a really good big league player, but he's 19 years old and X number of years away from the big leagues," Wade said. "Bono has a chance to pitch in the big leagues and we recognize it impacts the depth of those young arms, but if we have a chance to add a kid who could close and who has the stuff Lindstrom has, you have to give up something to get something."

Uh huh, so says the man who sits atop of the organization, who is so good at evaluating young talent, that they have the worse farm system in all of the baseball world.

So did the Marlins get the best of Houston's crappy farm system? Not quite.  This via twitter from Baseball America's Ben Badler.

Neither Robert Bono nor Luis Bryan, the two guys the Marlins got from Houston for Lindstrom, would have made the Astros top 30 

 Here is the deal, the Marlins gave Lindstrom away for free.  Now maybe one of the guys we got in return will surprise, but I sincerely doubt it.