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Kiko Calero is gone

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It seems that Kiko Calero's performance last season means he won't be a Marlin in 2010.

Don't look for the Marlins to offer salary arbitration to any of their four free agents -- Kiko Calero, Brendan Donnelly, Ross Gload and Nick Johnson -- at Tuesday's deadline. However, the Marlins remain very much interested in re-signing Gload to a two-year deal similar to the one granted last year to his mirror opposite on the bench, Wes Helms.

 The Marlins won't offer arbitration to any of the players.  Kiko and NJ especially, they are type B free agents and if the Marlins offered them arbitration, the worse could happen, in the club's eyes, they might take it.  Even if they didn't that would mean the Marlins would be awarded a sandwich pick between the first and second rounds of the draft.  Wouldn't won't that to happen, those guys cost money in the way of signing bonuses.

The only one we could see back is Gload, don't have a problem with him off the bench, but other clubs can read the stats tables and may offer a better deal.  The only thing the Marlins have going for them is that they may be willing to go two years.