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Andre Dawson still looking for the HOF

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The Hall of Fame ballot by the BBWAA is due by the end of the month and our very own Andre Dawson is still in the hunt.

The ballot: Roberto Alomar, Kevin Appier, Harold Baines, Bert Blyleven, Ellis Burks, Andre Dawson, Andres Galarraga, Pat Hentgen, Mike Jackson, Eric Karros, Ray Lankford, Barry Larkin, Edgar Martinez, Don Mattingly, Fred McGriff, Mark McGwire, Jack Morris, Dale Murphy, Dave Parker, Tim Raines, Shane Reynolds, David Segui, Lee Smith, Alan Trammell, Robin Ventura, Todd Zeile.

Should he be chosen, and if earlier accounts are correct, he may be the first Marlin to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.