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The Marlins players made some money

No, not  just their usual salary, but the Marlins for the first time got some cash without winning the World Series.

Second-Place Finishers (Non-Wild Card Clubs)


Florida Marlins (Share of Players’ Pool: $590,731.16; value of each full share: $10,424.45) – The Marlins awarded 49 full shares, 7.28 partial shares and 7 cash awards.

I have absolutely no idea who the shares went to, but hopefully some of them went to the clubbies, trainers and coaches.  For most teams getting an extra $10,425.45 means next to nothing.  But that isn't the way the Marlins roll.

And whomever said that finishing second is the first loser didn't pocket a wad of cash in time for Christmas.  By my calculations this is the first time the Marlins have been awarded playoff money without winning it all.  Nothing like becoming a force in the Eastern Division, year after year.  Sure, the Marlins have always been scary to the rest of the division, but now that is paying dividends.  Hopefully next year, everyone can afford more than new set of tires for their car.  One day, I really need to tell that story.