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SB Nation Baseball Awards (MOY Edition)

The postseason awards as voted on by the SB Nation baseball bloggers rolls out today.  Each site is given two votes in their respective league, in this case GameFish and I are the voters for FishStripes, just like last year.  SB Nation awards in the past have been pretty decent predictors of the BBWAA awards, which may not say much about us as a group.

The votes are scored 5-3-1 for the ones where you only get to vote on three, like today's award, the Manager of the Year.

The schedule for the awards is as follows:

Monday, 11/9: Manager of the Year
Tuesday, 11/10: Rookie of the Year
Wednesday, 11/11: Cy Young
Thursday, 11/12: MVP

So without any further ado here are the results for the MOY:


Rk Manager Team 1st 2nd 3rd Pts
1 Jim Tracy Colorado Rockies 24 1 2 125
2 Tony LaRussa St. Louis Cardinals 3 7 10 46
3 Fredi Gonzalez Florida Marlins 2 6 5 33
4 Joe Torre Los Angeles Dodgers - 9 2 29
5 Charlie Manuel Philadelphia Phillies - 3 5 14
6 Bruce Bochy San Francisco Giants 1 1 1 9
7 Bobby Cox Atlanta Braves - 1 4 7
8 Bud Black San Diego Padres - 1 1 4
9 John Russell Pittsburgh Pirates - 1 - 3


Normally at this point I would tell you who we voted for, but they change up the voting this year and it was done by some Google app. instead of email and neither GameFish or I wrote down our selections.  However, we both think we put Tracy in the number one slot and Fredi number three.  Who we put as number two is anyone's guess.

Oh, they also email us the results of the AL and if you are curious about them, just let us know, and we will post those results too.