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Marlins payroll to shrink?

Joe Frisaro reported this over the weekend.

For years, the Marlins have shown they can remain competitive while spending carefully.

They will be continuing that trend in 2010.

Payroll for the upcoming season will be in the neighborhood of $36 million, or slightly lower.

In 2009, the Marlins finished second in the N.L. East, winning 87 games with a $36 million roster. So expect salaries to again to be in that range.

Don't know whether this is Mr. Frisaro's prediction or whether it is insider information which he is quite capable of having.

Last season the Marlins opening day payroll was $36,834,000.  In order to achieve that again it will mean that Uggla and Cantu have to be traded, along with others, since there is no way to achieve the number without doing so.  The ones who are arbitration eligible for the first time: Paulino, Nunez, Lindstrom and Pinto are likely to be some of the of the ones who will be among the others.

If the Marlins actually decide to stick with the $36 million number, it will become known to the other clubs that the Marlins are shedding payroll and looking for anything they can get in return that's cheap.  Uggla and Cantu, if traded, will bring back a decent prospect or two.  However, all the others will likely garner the return of Hermida, next to nothing since the other teams know what we are doing.

I will hit this harder later.