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Weekend Chum Bucket

Ah, the offseason, I know it so well.  It is a time when Marlins Crap becomes a legitimate post and a movie, book or music review is actually golden.  When you bask in paradise and I try to keep from freezing to death. Fortunately this year I don't have to go it alone.

Welcome to the first Weekend Chum Bucket of the offseason.  For those of you who are new, we don't work on the weekends in the offseason unless something of importance breaks.  However, that doesn't mean the site goes dark.  For you see, we have the Weekend Chum Bucket where everything is fair game.  If college football is your thing, comment away. Or if you like the pro sports, get after it.  Perhaps you would like discussing the underlying meanings in Dickens "Great Expectations", this is the place.  It really doesn't matter what the topic is, comment away and maybe someone will chime in.  I will say this, historically, the topic of baseball normally gets the best response.  Which is completely understandable.  The Weekend Chum Bucket often turns into a very fun social experience, and that really is the point.

But whatever you decide to do, Have a Great Weekend!