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Exciting FishStripes News

You may have noticed by now, my avatar has changed, and the reason being that I'm no longer the sole proprietor of FishStripes.  It is with great pride and excitement I get to announce that GameFish is now on the team.

GameFish ran a top 30 MLBlog and she now joins us.

Let me try to put this in perspective.  Every beat writer for all 30 teams writes a MLBlog, also many players and many celebrities, not to mention the multitudes of fans and GameFish garners more traffic than most all of them.  She will still be doing her unique game recaps but you won't have to click to another site to see them, they will be here.  But GameFish offers more than just the game recaps, she provides an excellent insight into the fan experience.  Lord knows, when she goes to the game she sits in the worst seats possible, probably not by choice.  But the boys in the bullpen are always happy to see her.  GameFish is first and foremost a fan which is convenient since this is a fan blog and her perspective is always from a fan's point of view.

How did we get lucky enough to woo her to FishStipes?  I'm really good at begging and pleading. 

So please welcome GameFish to the team!

Oh, the other good news, now that she is an admin, she can never play Ichthyomancy again.