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Jeremy Hermida trade revisted

I finally got around to looking up the players we got in return and they are iffy at best.

Hunter Jones has a chance to be a situational LOOGY for the Marlins.  Frankly, at this point in his career he gets no one out with any consistency.  But that doesn't mean he won't in the future.

Jose Alvarez's stats look pretty good, he can find the strike zone.  However, he is a work in progress, he is 5'11" and only weighs a 150 pounds.  In other words he hasn't grown into his body, no big deal there.  But I lost my excitement when I read Beinfest saying this:

... he's a winner

Talk about the air going out of the balloon.  Last time Beinfest said that, the guy was anything but a winner.

Since I have already linked to the story

If Coghlan moves back to the infield, the Marlins have several outfield prospects, including Scott Cousins and Mike Stanton.

"If Maybin slides into center field, Cody can play right," Beinfest said. "Stanton and Cousins are on their way. 

What exactly does Brett Carroll do every Halloween?  Leave flaming sacks of dog poop on Beinfest's door step?