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Playoff Ichthyomancy Crowns a Champion

In playoff Ichthyomancy there was a bit of an upset this year, LadyFish takes home the title.  She becomes the first person to ever win a regular season title (2007) and a playoff title.  No one has ever the hit the same year double, obviously.

Hurricane, two time defending playoff champ, lead throughout but for some reason only known to him decided not to enter picks for game five of the World Series.  Now, maybe he was helping save the manatees or building homes for the Habit for Humanity or drunk in a Mexican jail, who knows. But whatever the case, he made a strategic error.  Had he not, my guess is he would've continued to own this competition.

BacksThePack made a gallant run at the end, but came up short.

I want to thank everyone who played.  Especially considering the only prize to be won is bragging rights.

There is only one thing left to say: Congratulations to LadyFish!  You did good.