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Support for Norm Braman

Sarah Talalay reports that there was some support for Braman's lawsuits in the Herald yesterday.

Norman Braman may have lost his long-running battle targeting the financing for the Florida Marlins’ ballpark and other Miami projects, but he has several supporters.

Nearly 100 politicians, lawyers, activists and other Miami-Dade County residents took out a full page ad in Monday’s Miami Herald to thank the luxury auto dealer for acting on the public’s behalf.

Well good for them.  They nearly had a 100 supporters.  However, singing the praises of Braman's egotistical lawsuits didn't mean much when it came to the polls.

Spence-Jones, 41, easily won a second term to represent voters in the city’s District 5. She received 82.71 percent of the vote, the highest percentage among candidates for seats on the Miami City Commission.


All three candidates generally agreed on many of the district’s high-priority issues, including community improvements and fighting crime. The candidates’ biggest difference was on the issue of financing for the Florida Marlins ballpark project. Spence-Jones voted to approve it; Chiverton and Torain opposed it.

For some reason this makes me smile.