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Josh Johnson still with the Marlins

The front office is saying that Josh Johnson will be a Marlin next season.

Count on Josh Johnson being a Marlin when the 2010 season opens.

As speculation continues, seemingly on a daily basis, as to where Johnson will be next year, Marlins general manager Michael Hill added some clarity during a radio interview.

Appearing as a guest on Marlins flagship station 790 The Ticket's "Hot Stove Show" on Saturday, Hill was asked if Johnson would be with the team next season.

"Yes, I can say with certainty, yes," Hill said.



Naturally, I want JJ back.  But forgive me if I don't find solace in the words above.  This is the same club that Loria told Carlos Delgado to his face and in front of the media that he would be back for the next season.  Of course, he wasn't.

Every Marlins player is up for trade consideration, there are no exceptions.  JJ included.  But some come with a very high price tag, when I say a high price tag, I mean a HIGH PRICE TAG.  Josh is one of those.  If someone is willing the mortgage the farm, then maybe he is gone.

I have no idea whether the Marlins are posturing or if they think they still have a chance to sign Johnson to a long term contract.  Of course, maybe they think we can win the division title next season and in order to do so, we need JJ for that to happen.  In the latter case they would be right.

The answers will soon follow.  Welcome to the offseason.