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Info you may need to know

WHEN THE, New York Giants played their first game in the the old Polo Grounds in 1981, they beat the Pirates, 7 to 5.  The big name in New York that year was Amos Rusie, of Mooresville, Ind., whose fast ball caused it to be said for the first time, "You can't him 'em if you can't see 'em."

Rusie won 33 games that year and lost 20 as the Giants finished third.

Red Smith, September 19, 1963.

Should you ever find yourself on one of those quiz shows and this is the winning it all answer to the final question, I expect a shout out.

The other thing is that Rusie had 53 decisions in that year.  Of course, it was during a time period that isn't considered a part of the modern day of baseball.  The mound was fifty feet away from the hitter and they were still experimenting with the rules.  But nonetheless that is pretty darn impressive.

Oh by the way, he is in the Hall of Fame.