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Weekend Chum Bucket

It is that time of the week when the Weekend Chum Bucket takes center stage.  Hopefully for most you this will be a continuation of the holiday.  You know, still eating leftover turkey sandwiches while wishing for a cheese burger.  For some of you, however, this is just another weekend.  But nothing wrong with that, it is time to rest a spell and recharge those batteries.

Rivalry week continues in college football as team are jockeying for bowl positions or are looking to finish the year on a high note and play the role of spoiler.  Pro football is winding down and if some of the teams are seriously considering going to the playoffs, they need to start winning, now.  The Heat and the Panthers have games scheduled for the weekend with Florida on the road and Miami here at home.

But no Chum Bucket is limited to sports, you can talk about anything you heart desires.  Example: why in the world would a shoe storage device ever advertise on TV at 8 a.m. during a Married with Children marathon?  Or possibly you are more highbrow and want to discuss the essays of Emerson, hey, someone could join in.  It has happened before.  But whatever you decide, this is the place.

Have a Great Weekend!