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Happy Thanksgiving!


A Very Happy Thanksgiving to all of the FishStripers everywhere!  Of course, if you don't live the U.S., and some of you don't, then a very happy Thursday!

Not much is going to happen on FishStripes today, that is unless Beinfest decides to trade the whole team, which I wouldn't put past him.

Assuming he doesn't, just kick back and enjoy the day.  That is what the day is for.

So gorge yourself, and if you find the time to cheer for the Aggies to beat the Longhorns, LadyFish would really like that since it would help her Frogs.

But you are not limited to anything today.  This is an open thread.  And if you care to join into a running a debate, which is better stuffing or dressing?  Have at it.  Or maybe just tell us what the best part of the day was for you, food related or not.  Go for it.

Whatever the case, Have a Great Day!