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Chum Bucket

It's Thanksgiving Eve, and as the world mentally prepares for tomorrow's feast of turkey and pumpkin pie (or sweet potato, if your tastebuds are as out of whack as Chris Coghlan's), it is time for your nightly Chum Bucket. If you have something to say, this would be the place to say it. 

Considering the fact that tomorrow is Thanksgiving, you could always use tonight's Chum Bucket to take a little time out of your evening to list the things you are thankful for this year. Things such as the game of baseball, the Florida Marlins, our brand new stadium, the Phillies losing the World Series... you know, the important things in life.

Or maybe you don't have time for lists, since you're spending an extra 3 hours in the gym tonight in effort to burn off a few thousand extra calories in preparation for all the stuffing and gravy you plan to consume tomorrow. That's perfectly acceptable as well.

Have a great night!