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Florida Marlins Donate Turkeys

Just like the organization does every year, it donated some turkeys, no not Bonifacio, to the local community.  This year has a little twist, the donations went to Little Havana.  Which makes complete sense on two levels.  One being, they are soon to be our new neighbors and two, they are the ones having to put up with the construction of the stadium.

Florida Marlins donated 460 Thanksgiving meals to families in their soon to be home base of Little Havana. The Marlins reached out to Neighbors 4 Neighbors to find families in Little Havana that were deserving of the turkey meals.

The families that were selected for the program were members of local organizations including Big Brothers, Big Sisters and Abriendo Puertas. Each family received a turkey and fixings for their thanksgiving meal.

There are somethings the Marlins organization arguably doesn't do right.  But when it comes to helping the community, they are top notch.