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Marlins Likely to Keep Cantu

Cantu fans, rejoice. is reporting that Jorge Cantu is likely to remain a Marlin in 2010, despite his $5 million+ price tag: has learned that it is "almost 100 percent" certain that Cantu will be a Marlin in 2010. The 27-year-old is entering his final season of arbitration. He made $3.5 million in '09, and he ended up with 100 RBIs, hitting cleanup behind Hanley Ramirez.

Cantu's salary should be above $5 million, a price the team appears willing to pay to keep one of its steadiest performers.

Now, the Marlins may consider a trade if they are presented with an offer they feel can't be passed up. But the club isn't actively shopping him.

Of course, "almost" 100% is not 100%. And usually about twelve minutes after a story like this is posted, the player in question is traded. But as of now,  it looks like we could see Jorge back at first or third next season. Which is fine by me. (Not that anybody asked me, but just in case you were curious as to where I stood on the matter...)