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Marlins to Play Mets in Puerto Rico?

Joy of joys, the Marlins are once again entertaining the idea of playing one of their home series in Puerto Rico next season. Yes, we've heard this particular rumor before, but according to reports, the series is a lot closer to happening than the one that was being negotiated for the 2008 season:

Major League Baseball is considering a proposal for the Marlins to host a series against the Mets at Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in June or July, according to a Marlins source.

The Marlins’ 2010 schedule has Florida hosting the Mets at Land Shark Stadium June 28-30 but not in July. The Marlins also host the Mets May 13-16 and Sept. 21-22.

Normally I would be excited by anything and everything that would keep Mets fans a nice stretch of ocean away from Land Shark Stadium, but not in this case. As much as I loathe being crowded by blue and orange-clad New Yorkers at home, the Marlins-Mets series are the most popular and well-attended home series of the season, and as such, it doesn't make sense to move one of them.

I will never be in favor of something that short-changes Fish fans three home games, especially not three of the most popular home games of the season. And, as much as I like to see them suffer, this isn't exactly going to please all the transplanted Mets fans, either. 

For all their complaints about attendance, the Marlins certainly aren't helping their own cause here.

Then there's this:

The Mets would be a particularly attractive draw because of the team’s Puerto Rican presence, including Carlos Beltran, Pedro Feliciano, Angel Pagan and Omir Santos. The Mets also are investigating re-signing Alex Cora, who hails from the island, and won’t rule out bringing back Carlos Delgado, a native of Aguadilla, P.R.

If the Mets are such an attractive draw in Puerto Rico, let them give up a home series to play there.