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Florida Marlins finalize the 40-man roster

The Marlins finalized the 40-man roster to get ready for the winter meetings and the Rule 5 draft.

In anticipation of the Rule 5 Draft on Dec. 10, the Marlins filled up their 40-man roster on Friday, adding right-handers Jose Ceda, Jay Buente, Brett Sinkbeil and Kris Harvey, as well as outfielder Scott Cousins.

Friday was the deadline to protect players from being selected in the Rule 5 Draft by selecting their contracts. The move ensures none of those players run the risk of being picked up by another team unless they are outrighted at a later date.

Some notable exceptions who were left off the 40-man roster were outfielder John Raynor, catcher Brad Davis and left-hander Graham Taylor...

 The Marlins added a couple more players to the roster than I had anticipated, but nothing wrong with that.