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Peter Gammons on the Marlins

I don't how many of you can see all of this since it is pay for view, but if you can, Mr. Gammons speaks highly of the Marlins organization.  While I could quibble with a point or two, it is a very nice article about the Marlins.

Since it is pay for view, I can only highlight so much.  So here goes: Marlins aren't your typical small-market team.

It is about the Marlins and their seven-year record vis-à-vis their divisional rivals in New York, not to mention the Braves and the fact that Florida has finished ahead of Atlanta in each of the past two seasons.


It's bad enough to have the Yankees and Phillies staring at them, but the fact remains that in the last seven years the Mets have won fewer games and had fewer winning seasons than the Marlins. And that in 2008 and 2009 the Braves won fewer games than the Marlins.

Basically Mr. Gammons likes Beinfest and his team of scouts.  I do too.  Sure, they miss one every now and then, but their overall track record is quite stellar.