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Marlins make an offer to Ross Gload

The Marlins looked it over and wondered if they could get Ross Gload for Wes Helms money.

 The Marlins have extended an offer to Ross Gload, their top left-handed hitter off the bench last season when he led the majors in pinch hits. The offer is thought to be similar to the one received last year by Wes Helms, who agreed to a two-year deal for $1.9 million.

 Gload said toward he end of the season that he would prefer to remain with the Marlins, especially if he could work out a deal early in the free agency process, thus relieving him of any uncertainty.The Marlins' exclusive negotiating window with Gload closes at midnight Friday, at which point any team can start discussing financial terms with the free agent

I'm kinda pressed for time here, but if the Marlins can signed him, I'm all for it.  Pinch hitting is really tough, and I don't think most understand how hard it is.  Gload is good at it, actually, very good.  While past results don't guarantee future performance, I am hard pressed to think of another left-handed bat who can hit coming off the bench and would do better, in our price range.