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Marlins setting the 40-man roster today

Going into the winter meetings, the 40-man roster has to be secured today.

As the 40-man stands, there are 35 players on it.  Now, there is no possible way it be at 40 at the end of the day.  The Marlins front office never maxis out.  However, the reason there could be additions is because the Rule 5 draft takes place on the final day of the winter meetings.  In order for a player to eligible he either has to have four years of service time after being signed at the age of 19 or should he have been signed at the age of 18 he would need five years to qualify.

The Marlins will probably only add about three players to roster in order to protect them.

Could be wrong on this and have completely misjudged the number.  However, if those you of who study the minors want to give your informed opinions have at it, I'm all ears.