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Florida Marlins Spring Schedule

The Marlins have released their spring training schedule.

Florida Marlins at Roger Dean Stadium.

In case you were wondering, the Marlins only play one night game in Jupiter. And I am guessing a couple of you were, looking at you Spud and LadyFish.  The game will be against the Mets on March 18th and starting at 7:05 p.m.  If I had to guess why there are so few, to nonexistent, ones at night games this spring becauses it messes up the tee times.  While for veterans they can probably just blow it off, those who are hoping for a spot on the roster can't.

It reminds of the story of when John Smoltz who was with the Red Sox at the time and they were playing the Braves in spring training.  Smoltz went to the Braves locker room to renew old acquaintances,  He showed up wearing shorts and a polo type shirt.  He spent his time reliving old stories of the past with the ones who were a part of the Braves when the stories took place.  Eventually the laughter came to an end when one of the Braves coaches said it was time to hit the field.

A couple of the Braves players said to Smoltz: Don't you have to get dressed for the game?  To which he replied: No. I'm playing golf with Tiger Woods today. 

Nothing like being a first ballot Hall of Famer.