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BBWAA Managers of the Year

The Baseball Writers Association of America awards continue today with the announcement of the AL and NL Manager of the Year. (And just fyi, I'm dressed like Jack Sparrow and assuming the Captain Morgan pose while writing this post. Because it feels like the right thing to do.)

Taking the MOY honor in the National League is Jim Tracy of the Colorado Rockies, while Mike Scioscia of the Angels nabbed the award in the AL.

Tracy, who received a whopping 29 of 32 1st place votes, took over as manager of the Rocks after their less-than-inspiring 18-28 start, and led the team to the NL wild card

Jim Tracy took over the Rockies on May 29 hoping to straighten out specific problems.

That he did, and for it, Tracy received on Wednesday an honor he deserved -- the National League Manager of the Year Award, as voted on by the Baseball Writers' Association of America.

Mike Scioscia received 15 first-place votes in his second MOY win.

It was Scioscia's second Manager of the Year award. He was named by the BBWAA in 2002, when the Angels claimed their first World Series title under his direction after entering the postseason as a Wild Card.

Scioscia, who is the first manager in Major League history to pilot six postseason teams in his first 10 seasons, received 15 of a possible 28 first-place votes for 106 points.

And just in case you were curious, Fredi Gonzalez finished seventh in the NL, receiving 4 third-place votes for a total of 4 points.