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Renyel Pinto wanted man?

Renyel Pinto is allegedly wanted for all the wrong reasons.

This past May 30, he was tooling his pimped-out white Infiniti SUV through Hallandale Beach when cops pulled him over and discovered he didn't have a valid driver's license. He was ordered to appear in Broward County court June 16.


He didn't show for the court date. His driving privileges were suspended, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. He'll face a $2,000 bond when he's nabbed.


According to a lawsuit filed September 4 in Miami-Dade civil court, the pitcher breached his contract withPro-Management Resources Inc. when he "failed to pay" a 1.5 percent cut of his $400,000 2009 salary.


He didn't respond to the suit. On October 23, Pro-Management was awarded a default judgment for the entire six grand.

 Don't know whether any of this is correct or not, but if it is, get Jeff Conine to be a character witness, if he is willing, because they like him in Broward County.  And oh, good luck finding a new agent.  It always seems the Marlins possess a "colorful" player every year.  This year is no exception.