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CHONE Projections for the Florida Marlins Hitters

The CHONE projections are out for the 2010 Marlins hitters.  The pitchers will come later.  In the meantime you can take a look at the hitters here.

CHONE projections

Normally these are pretty decent for other teams, but that hasn't been true in the recent past for the Marlins.  I will never forget the projections after the 2006 season and they were mostly all wrong.  But really, that wasn't their fault since they had only one data point to work off.  By now, they should start honing in on some of the players as they enter into their four year of data.  Of course, the projections aren't going to work so well for the players who just completed their first season.  It is one of the reasons, and among others, the people who use such keep predicting the Marlins are going to stink, but yet they never do. 

Anyway, give it a look see.  And let us know what you think.