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Former Marlins News

I'm sure there is a lot more than is about to be reported, but it is all I found for today.

First up is Scott Olsen.

Nationals left-hander Scott Olsen is arbitration eligible and it's not known if he will remain with the club.


When reached by phone recently, Olsen said he is not sure what the Nationals are thinking these days, but he made it known that his shoulder is 100 percent. 
"The medical staffs in DC and Melbourne, [Fla.] were real good about the shoulder," Olsen said. "We had a job to do and we did it. I went down to Florida with a plan for getting myself back. By Spring Training, there is not going to be any issues. When I do my throwing program in offseason, I've been told to go about it as if I wasn't even hurt. I will not do anything different."


When asked about his future with the Nationals, Olsen said it's too early to tell.

If the Nationals are willing to take Bonifacio back, I more than willing to take Olsen back in exchange.  Of course that isn't going to happen, but nonetheless I am still willing.  I guess there is a reason the Marlins have never contacted me to a part of the GM's staff.

The second one is Robert Andino.

David Pinto is doing his very ambitious series on Baseball Musings evaluating all players from A to Z, this is what he had to say about Andino.

Players A to Z, Robert Andino

Truthfully, I think Dino can hit better than he did last season.  However,  projections don't mean anything unless you can prove it in the field and Robert didn't last season.

So that concludes the Former Marlins in the news.  Like I said, there are probably a lot of others but you really didn't think I was going to work that hard to find them all?  Did you?  We catch them as they come.