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Dan Uggla seriously on the trading block

As we all know Dan Uggla is being shopped by the Marlins, and here is one more report.

A general manager who spoke to the Marlins at last week's GM meetings said their No. 1 priority is trading Dan Uggla for cheap, young talent. ``There's a decent market for him,'' the GM said, with the Braves, Orioles and Giants among options. Emilio Bonifacio could replace him at second. ``That's his best defensive position but his bat is still a question,'' the GM said.

 Seeing Danny leave the team will be bad enough.  Compounded it by making Bonifacio an everyday player again, is like driving the final nail in the coffin.  Yes, I do understand that Bonifacio is young and it is still possible he may quit being an out machine.  But until he can prove that somewhere else, the club has minor league teams you know, I'm not ready to watch the 2010 season being another on the job training sessions that goes completely awry.