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Chum Bucket

It's Friday! That information should make you feel warm and fuzzy in your deepest regions. If it doesn't, seek medical attention immediately.

The weekend is upon us, and hopefully you have something fun and exciting planned for your evening. If you don't, though, we give you your nightly Chum Bucket. (Who needs a social life when you have FishStripes?)

The topic at the forefront of your mind is likely the Ohio State/Iowa game that's coming up tomorrow at 3:30 ET on ESPN. Or maybe the UM/NC game that you might briefly consider turning to during commercial breaks.  If college football isn't your thing, though, just use the Chum Bucket to harp on whatever comes to mind. And if you're looking for friends to join in the fun, it couldn't hurt to mention the Marlins. Name dropping. It's a lost art.

Enjoy your night!