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Bryan Petersen at the AFL

If you remember, Bryan Petersen was the only Marlins prospect to get to play in the All-Star game in the Arizona Fall League.  In which, he did a pretty good job.  Part of being in the AFL is being evaluated by the scouts and this is what one had to say about young Mr. Petersen. (I think I have spelled his last name about 100 different ways in the past.)

A couple of scouts have called Marlins 23-year-old outfielder Bryan Petersen a likely fourth outfielder in the big leagues. His speed limits him to a corner outfield position and the 6-foot-200-pound lefthanded hitter hasn’t shown much power, but he has shown feel for hitting while batting .419/.443/.622 in 79 trips to the plate for Mesa. Still, the 2007 fourth-round pick from UC Irvine has progressed fairly quickly.

"None of the tools are better than average across the board," said one scout. "He throws well enough to maybe play right field, but it’s a question of whether he has the strength and size to hit for enough power to be more than a fourth outfielder."

Hmm, interesting.  Apparently he can hit, which is very nice, but with the Marlins, strangely, having outfield talent that is up and coming from the minors, not to mention the ones they already have on the scene, Bryan may soon find himself as part of a trade package.