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Dan Uggla drawing some interest

The Marlins phones are ringing to inquire about Dan Uggla's availability.  What a shock.

The two teams showing the most interest in Marlins second baseman Dan Uggla would move him to third base.

The Giants and Orioles are the clubs in strongest pursuit of Uggla, according to major-league sources.

The Red Sox also have inquired, envisioning Uggla as a potential replacement for free agent Jason Bay in left field.

Uggla, 29, projects to earn approximately $8 million in arbitration. But in four major-league seasons, he has averaged 30 homers and 90 RBIs.

Danny playing third is doable, though he hasn't thrown the ball across the diamond for a number of years.  Doesn't mean he can't, he just hasn't.

The really strange one is putting him in left field in Boston.  The way the ball caroms off the monster I hope Ellsbury or Anderson feel like running, because that big wall might eat Danny up for awhile.  Of course, Uggla may hit enough in that park to make up for his wandering defense.  Now, don't take that as he wouldn't give his all to flag down the ball, I just have a hard time believing he would be very good at it, at least not at first.  But should the Marlins trade Danny, I'm not sure the Red Sox would be the best trading partner.  The Fish have already sent Hermida their way for next to nothing and they seem to have figured out the Marlins are going to dump salary.  And that isn't a very strong position from which to bargain.

Since this is all hot stove stuff, which is some people's favorite time of the year, not mine however.  I'm not going to start guessing what we may get in return.  But if history is any indicator, pitching will be involved.

The blurb went onto say:

If the Marlins trade Uggla, they almost certainly will keep third baseman Jorge Cantu, who also is arbitration-eligible.

Not if they want to get down to $36 million in payroll they won't.