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Chum Bucket

Welcome to tonight's special holiday edition Chum Bucket, where comments are both allowed and encouraged. (I promise.) Hopefully you've enjoyed a day off, but if you happen to be one of the unlucky who had to work, please take solace in the fact that it quite literally rained on our parade today. Feel better? Oh well. I tried.

Without further delay, go ahead and make yourself at home here, and feel free to attempt to engage the masses in some sort of conversation. As for me, The Fish fan/soldier in my life returned from boot camp today, and like the good sister that I am, I'm pulling out all the stops and taking him out to one of the myriad restaurants offering free meals to vets. Because I care. We'll be eatin' good (and cheap) in the neighborhood tonight.

Happy Veterans Day to all! Especially those Fish fans who have served or are serving. Many thanks. (And yes, if you are a Phillies or Mets fan, we are around  4% less grateful for your sacrifice. Sorry.)