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Matt Lindstrom on the block?

According to Barry Jackson, the Marlins are entertaining offers for Matt Lindstrom.

We hear the Marlins have been getting trade inquiries about Matt Lindstrom and are considering dealing him. One Marlins official said Leo Nuñez seems better-suited to close games. The Marlins lean toward keeping Jorge Cantu (who has drawn interest) but would consider an extraordinary offer. Dan Uggla remains likely to be dealt.

It isn't surprising at all that there is interest in Matt Lindstrom.  Young guys who can throw the ball 100 mph don't come along all that often.  Lindstrom is on the bubble, so the speak, since he is now arbitration eligible.  However should the Marlins move him it will be indication of they are salary dumping unless the other clubs will buy the reasoning that Nunez is better suited for closing and the seventh and eighth innings are already covered.  Now, Nunez, who puts the thrill back into the save, maybe better at closing, at this point in their respective careers. (I probably should analyze the stats to make sure, but I don't have time.)   However, if the Marlins let Calero go it will be hard sell to convince anyone that we have the other late innings covered.