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SB Nation Baseball Awards (ROY Edition)

Here are the results of the NL Rookie of the Year as voted on by the SB Nation bloggers. 


Rk Player Team 1st 2nd 3rd Pts
1 Tommy Hanson Atlanta Braves 9 9 6 78
2 J.A. Happ Philadelphia Phillies 6 9 7 64
3 Andrew McCutchen Pittsburgh Pirates 8 3 5 54
4 Chris Coghlan Florida Marlins 7 5 4 54
5 Dexter Fowler Colorado Rockies - 3 1 10
6 Randy Wells Chicago Cubs - - 6 6
7 Garrett Jones Pittsburgh Pirates 1 - - 5
8 Casey McGehee Milwaukee Brewers - 1 2 5
9 Seth Smith Colorado Rockies - 1 - 3


GameFish and I both put Chris Coghlan #1 and then neither of us can remember what order we placed Hanson and Happ.  But they were #2 and #3 on our ballots.

My reason for Coghlan being first is that when evaluating a rookie the latter half of the season should be weighed more heavily than the first half.  When a player breaks into the league normally one of two things happen, either they start off well and then the league learns them and the impressive start fizzles.  Or they start out slowly until they figure out the league and then come on blazing.  A strong finish, I feel, is more representative of who was the better rookie.  Now both of the NL East pitchers were pretty steady throughout but an every day player should get the benefit of the doubt when making the comparison.