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LandShark Stadium not good enough

Apparently, LandShark Stadium isn't good for football either.  Or at least according the NFL.

South Florida is set to host its 10th Super Bowl this February, but it could be the region's last for a while.

The Miami Herald is reporting that the NFL issued a stern warning that South Florida will lose out on Super Bowl bids for the foreseeable future if it doesn't make significant improvements to Land Shark Stadium...


Frank Supovitz, the NFL's senior vice president of events, told a business group Wednesday that the stadium would have to add a roof, modern skyboxes, high-definition lighting and other amenities.


The stadium is also at risk of falling out of the four-year rotation to host college football's BCS national championship game.

There ain't no stinkin' way any of that is going to happen very soon.

I have never seen a football game at LSS so I cannot speak to what is like to view a game there.  But really, except for the roof thing, they aren't demanding things for the common fan.  I did spend sometime in one of the boxes and they seemed pretty nice to me.  However, I still have no idea what the score was of the game since I spent most of my time talking to GameFish and hollering out to Spud and LadyFish through the window.  Yes, if the Miller High Life guy had shown up, he would've taken the beer away.

Bottom line, the NFL is tired of the rain and they want "our betters" to get an experience this is deserving of their status.  That's all fine and good, but I have news for them, unless the Dolphins plan on paying for it, it will be one tough fight with the Miami-Dade commissioners.  Or at least it should be, it was for us.