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Fredi Gonzalez is content

Fredi Gonzalez is satisfied with what he heard from Loria.

Though Loria has offered no public endorsement, he apparently said the right things privately to Gonzalez, who is ready to move past the awkward situation. 

"It was a good conversation," Gonzalez said. "We both expressed ourselves, and now it's over with. He said it was just rumors. He explained himself. It's good. I think whatever happened the last weekend, I think it's over with and I feel comfortable we can go forward without having any of that stuff come up. I don't think that stuff is ever going to come back up again."

I hope you are right Fredi.  But I wouldn't count on it.  I've seen the higher ups in the front office operate too many times to completely trust anything they say.  Then again, it is very possible, I am way too cynical.