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Sean West's Wild Night

Sean West had a night in Philly that he would probably rather forget.  The problem is, no one else will.

Just read the whole thing.

Marlins pitcher Sean West's wild Saturday night

Sean, rule number one: Don't piss off the limo driver.

In every major city limo drivers have connections with the gossip reporters of the local papers, this is one of the ways you get to learn all the sordid details that grace the tabloids everyday.  Sure, if I would've pulled the same stunt no one would care thus making the information worthless.  However, I'm not a major league baseball player.  If you would've paid for the clean up of limo, no one would have ever known.  But you didn't, and now comes the lesson the hard way.

Rule number two: if the girl in question isn't your girlfriend, it is time to channel all of the skills you learned in middle school dodge ball games, because you are going to need to them.  Things are going to be thrown at you and if you have any hopes of salvaging the relationship you will duck and dodge while apologizing the whole time.  Now it may not work, but it is the only chance you have.

Good luck Sean, you are going to need it.